Dinner «Fantasia» in a caidal tent

If you are not seeing the fantastic show of Fantasia and you have not dined "Chez Ali", it's because you did not come to Marrakesh !!!

During your stay in the Kasbah Aâlma d'Or, we will propose you it.

The Fantasia takes place in a big and fair Kasbah, a hedge of rider welcomes you on your arrival, a guide takes you to visit the "cave of Ali Baba" with its wonderful treasures, then it takes you to your table.
On the way, you will discover a multitude of folk groups from all the regions of Morocco who will accompany you throughout your meal.

On the menu

The traditional soup "Harira", then the famous "Mechoui", which precedes a couscous of chicken with seven vegetables. For dessert, a fruit basket from Morocco followed pastries from the same country and the mint tea ritual.
Then the spectacle can begin in a long arena: the fantasia is in fact a group of riders galloping on the horses and, at the Emir's signal, all the rider draws at the same time a deafening burst of gun. Around this a spectacle, worthy of the thousand and one nights, is staged with finally a fireworks.