Guest table

Every day, the cook of the Riad Kasbah Aâlmador offers you a new menu composed of typical moroccan dishes, prices are deliberately very attractive:

Lunch or dinner consists of a starter, a main course and a dessert. It is offered at 18 Euros per person. Wherever possible, we can adapt to specific requests.

Everything is possible, you decide, the day before, if you take your meals (and which ones) at the Villa the next day or not.
Children under 6: free - 6 to 12 years: 50% - above 12 years: normal price.

To make you want, here is a small sample of the dishes that make up the menu each day (cooked by Jamila)

Delicious tagine of lamb (or beef) with prunes and almonds is an example of Moroccan sweet and sour dish, traditional Moroccan couscous with seven vegetables from our garden, classical chicken tagine with preserved lemon, kebabs Moroccan meat, kofta ...
As a starter you can taste a farandole of traditional moroccan salads, vegetables come from our garden.

You can have your diner on the terrace or in the dining room depending on the temperature and your desire.
The breakfast is mixed: Moroccan (with traditional pancakes) and continental levels. The cooker has a habit of changing the composition every morning .

The lounge is a good place to sip tea with mint complemented with aromatic herbs from our garden ...